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E-Signature Forms

E-Signature forms allow for the origination, routing, and electronic filing of forms pertinent to University business. Users can save forms while they are working on them. Thus, allowing the user to come back to E-Signature at a later time and open a partially completed form from the Saved Forms for further action. Once a user completes a form and sends it to another person or people, the form stays in the Sent Forms List, which provides an audit trail. Forms that are sent to a user via E-Signature arrive in the Received Forms List. Users of E-Signature may archive sent and received forms as needed to manage the Sent Forms List and Received Forms List.

Conceptually, E-Signature should be thought of as an electronic filing system. Be aware that you can click on the column headings to have the forms in the given box be sorted on that data. Each form is given one form instance number. However, each time it is changed (saved, sent, received) the version number changes(increases). Again, this allows for an audit trail of changes/actions.

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